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Hi, All the readers who have mentioned Shanthi Guest House in any one of their online writings, can add their link here for the benefit of one and all.

1. Here is the first one:
www.fractalenlightenment.blogspot.com/ 2007/01/hampi-humping-our-minds.html

2. Stephan Dietrich (Switzerland) says...

I’ve been in Shanti guesthouse several times. First time in 2001 I spent almost three months here climbing, hiking, meditating and falling in love with the place. Now I am here since the 22/09/07 and unfortunately I will leave it in a few days on the 16/10/07. Hampi is one of the most beautiful places in the world I know. And without any exaggerations the Shanti Guesthouse is the best place here to stay. Quite, peaceful, very, very nice bungalows, a warm and friendly owner family, a perfect location for the sunset, climbing, hiking and the trips to the temples, villages and lakes around and, no joke, the best river view here. In a few steps you find yourself immediately in the most marvelous boulder gardens in the world I know. It is more a sculpture garden carved by the gods than just a rocky landscape. A dinner on the dining place with river view, distant hills covered with huge boulder marbles and the sunset behind the rice fields and coconut palms is plain and simple indescribable. The family-run guesthouse and the good kitchen guarantees a warm and heart full stay in a unforgettable gorgeous of a landscape.

October 13, 2007 8:31 AM

3. Fred says...

I came to Shanthi Guesthouse in Hampi for a couple of days in February 2007 but stayed for a month. Couldn't leave anymore, it is that beautiful and friendly and healthy. Recommended!

October 21, 2007 4:23 AM

4. Jason said...

My wife and I just spent four lovely nights in a bungalow overlooking the rice paddies. The atmosphere was friendly and relaxing -- we spent Christmas Day just lounging around, not wanting to leave.

The room was comfortable and clean, and the staff were very hospitable. We enjoyed breakfast on cushions at the restaurant, tea outside our bungalow, dinner under the stars. Easy to arrange activities (bicycles, guides) and long-distance transportation.

Many thanks and best wishes!

February 3, 2008 6:15 AM

5. Souheil said...

I am a french traveller, and I visited Hampi in the very beginning of my trip. I have been lucky to find the Shanthi, with its beautiful location, quite and peacefull atmosphere (it is name Shanthi for a good reason), its very good food and friendly and welcoming people.
Krishna and RAo and their staff made my Hampi experience a real delight.
Then I came back few months later, and especially for the Shanthi Guesthouse where I stayed more than a month before flying back to the crazy life back home.
I have found here a second family, and I could enjoy the beauty of their magic place, full of History and emotions.
I highly recommend this place, all the people i met there compare it to a peace of heaven.
If you looking for heaven on earth, experience the Shanthi Guesthouse, you will love it.

February 24, 2008 6:36 AM

6. Shanti Guesthouse is a welcome respite after a warm, exhausting day of tramping around Vijayanagar. Thank you to Krishna and staff for a peaceful,relaxing atmosphere. We will certainly reccomend Shanti Guesthouse to friends.

March 1, 2008 5:13 PM

7. 'dreamerforever' said...

we are just back from karnataka where hampi has been one of the highlights. we stayed at the shanti guest house which was like home. the friendly owner and staff made us feel confortable in the cosy bangalow and room. many thanks to krishna that simply fullfilled all our wishes, for the kind assistance and warm hospitality.
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March 6, 2008 4:14 AM

8. well!!! shanti guest house is an amazing place to stay in if you ever visit hampi...it is calm and seraine and has amazing food ranging more than your expectations...!!! it is not disturbed by the outside noise...!
but one small problem if any indian is visiting is that not much attention is given to them being their own country or land, thats one defect in hampi...or what i've found in shanti guest house. the foreigners are given more attention than us. we feel like the foreigners there...so i would reccomend equal attention to everyone...!!!!
May 7, 2008 10:49 PM

9. On Friday Robert drove us around the furthermost ruins, Saturday we hired a scooter for the day to check more of the ruins as well as the village (Anegundi) on the other side of the river where Shanthi Guest House Tel: 08394 325352 is. What a great place! We were sorry that we didn't rather stay at Shanthi. It is a bit like a foreigners colony though but a great place to relax, read, take a nap on a hammock.

You can hire motorbikes from Hampi or at Shanthi Guest House for approx Rs.300 incl. petrol per day. It takes approx. 40min to drive from Hami Bazaar to Shanti (crossing the river by coracle which is quite a experience).


10. Left Bangalore at 10:30 via Hampi Express: Reached Hospet at around 6:45. Took an auto (100rs) to reach Hampi - TungaBhadra river bed at around 7:30. Took a boat to cross the river and walked a km to reach Shanthi Guest House. The boat boy was an instant hit with his "6 O' Clock boat close" style statement (said in a real stylish way). Guest house was very well furnished. The cottage looked excellent and was cheap too (600rs for double bedroom).